Young Voices

Young Voices
Today our choir attended the Young Voices performance at Resorts World Birmingham. The children have practised for months to learn the songs and the concert is their opportunity to shine. We travelled with Dordon Primary and the sense of anticipation and excitement was palpable....and loud!
The children formed part of a choir of 6240 voices. Their behaviour throughout the two and a half hours of rehearsal was impeccable. All of the children listened carefully to the conductor, appreciated the musical talent on display and performed brilliantly when they were asked to. 
At 7:00pm the lights went out and there was a real moment of magic. In the darkness, the children with their little torches lit up the room. The noise was electric. The children got to sing with Heather Small, dance with Urban Strides and perform all of the songs they had worked so hard to learn. 
Although it was a long day, the children were still buzzing with excitement on the way home. I am so proud of each and every one of them.
These events do not happen without the support of our amazing staff. Thank you to Mrs Smith, Miss Fellows, Mrs Deakin, Miss Purcell and Mrs Eastaff for being so fantastic enabling all of these puzzle pieces to experience something they will never forget!