A Moment In Time

Today we have sealed our time capsule ready to be buried in the grounds of the school. This was created as part of the celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III.


Inside the capsule there are thoughts from every child in school about their future, their hopes and dreams. There is also information about the classes and teachers in school. As part of the coronation celebrations the children were given a challenge from the house captains to join in with 'The Big Help Out'. All the entries for this competition have been included. On the Friday before the coronation the children in school had a special lunch in the hall, the menu from this has been added along with the commemorative bookmark from the day. Finally, Mrs Cross wrote a message to the future headteacher ready for when the capsule is retrieved in 20 years.


On Thursday, I went into each class to show them the contents before the time capsule was sealed for 20 years. The children in school have been given the challenge to return and find the capsule in the year 2043, when our oldest children will be 31 years old!


We have created our own piece of history and I hope the children of Wood End in the future enjoy finding out about life in the year 2023. Will all of our current children's hopes and dreams have come true?