NSPCC Numbers Day

NSPCC Number Day

Today the whole school took part in the NSPCC Number Day. Children arrived wearing numbers, shapes and patterns ready for a day of mathematical learning. Throughout the day, children explored different mathematical concepts, enjoying a range of interactive and hands-on activities. They were encouraged to think critically and apply their problem-solving skills to real life problems based on the book "365 Penguins". Written by Jean-Luc Fromental. The book explores the challenges of a family who are sent a penguin every day for the whole year. There was a wide range of maths, from repeating patterns in Early Years to cubed numbers in Year 6. A display of the work completed during the day is being prepared in the corridor, something to look out for when you are next in school. 


Thank you to all the parents who have supported this day making donations to the NSPCC and being creative with the outfits. Also thank you to the staff for preparing the activities and building a sense of excitement around maths.