Leaders in School

Leaders in school
Since returning to school at the beginning of September, Wood End Primary School has been busy finding our new team of leaders. There are many groups in school who work throughout the year to make our school the best place to be. Today, during celebration assembly some of our new leaders received their badges to show they belong to our pupil leadership team. 
School Council
This is decided by a vote in each class., the children who become school council representatives are chosen by their peers. They will be meeting soon with Mrs Tiernan, their first task will be to choose our charity of the year. Our new School Council leaders are:
Hedgehog Class - Charlie and Gabriela
Dragonfly Class - Logan and Florence
Fox Class - Mia and Harlow
Nightingale Class - Gracie and Cody
Otter - Taylor and Darcie
Digital Leaders
These children volunteer for the position and are chosen by the class teacher. The digital leaders tell us about being safe online and share their knowledge of computing. Our new Digital Leaders are:
Energy Savers
These children are responsible for helping to look after our planet and our school. They check that lights are switched off when we leave a room and that we are not wasting water by leaving the taps running. Our new Energy Savers are:
These children have the important job of looking after our library. They book in returned books and make sure they are put away in the correct place. They also recommend books to children. Our new Librarians are Ava and Theo
Well done to all these children taking on these new responsibilities, I look forward to working with you this year.