Fire brigade visit

Fire Brigade Visit
Today we had a visit from the Fire Brigade who are based at Atherstone Fire Station. They came to talk to Hedgehog Class about being safe with fire. We learned not to touch matches and lighters and practised putting out a fire on our clothes, remembering to STOP, DRP and ROLL. We went home after the fire fighter came to check if we had a smoke alarm in our home. They told us to let them know so they could come and fit one for free.
"We met three firefighters who showed us a video with two dogs. Dexter made a pizza snack, the oven was too hot and smoke came out. They said check the door with the back of your hand, if it is hot there is a fire."              Jensen
"They were called Scarlett, Tom and Ryan. I got to try on the jacket and gloves.    Gabriela
"I had the helmet on, it was heavy!"      Chase
"Firefighters work at night so they can look after everyone."     Kadi
"We did a rhyme about keeping safe - Matches and lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much."  Charlie 
"We know the smoke alarm beeps for fire or smoke."    Eivissa
"A house should have a smoke alarm on every floor."   Logan
As you can see, the children learned lots of things about fire safety. They also learned the number to call if they see a fire - 999.