STEM workshop

On Thursday parents from Otter, Badger and Fox Class were invited into school to join their children for a STEM workshop. The adults and children worked together to create a Lego carousel and make it move. The coding program allowed them to change the speed and number of turns the carousel made. This is just one of the many activities available using the Lego Spike resources.


These resources were purchased with money obtained through a grant from the Millennium Point Charitable Trust. As part of the grant, we were able to purchase a class set of Lego spike resources and a class set of iPads with charging trolleys. The resources have already been used in two STEM clubs this term and will be used in classrooms during the Summer term. It was a brilliant morning for everyone involved.


Thank you to the team from the Millennium Point Charitable Trust who joined us for the morning and the family members who created fabulous models with their children.