Trucks and Child Safety (TACS)
Today we had a demonstration from the TACS team informing our children of the risks of being near to trucks. This is part of a DHL programme to deliver safety messages to school children. The children learned about the size and weight of different vehicles and the blind spots around a truck. The adults in school got involved too pretending to be the driver and let the class know when they could see them. All the children were surprised about how far in front of the truck you needed to be before the driver would see you. It made it really clear that walking out in front of a vehicle was incredibly dangerous.
Finally the children worked as a class to try to get the attention of the truck driver by shouting as loud as they could. Even with the whole class shouting their loudest, I could not hear a single word. This showed that a real truck driver will not hear you, even if you shout them to stop.
Promoting safety is a key part of our RSHE curriculum and it was great to have a real life demonstration to learn the importance of safety around trucks. To make the day even better, every child received a booklet, wristband and pencil.
Thank you to Karl and Martin from the DHL TACS team, we had a brilliant day!