Fundamental British Values

Fundamental British Values
At Wood End Primary school we promote the importance of British Values. There are 5 British Values that the children learn about. These are:
  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance
During an assembly this week, we explored what these values look like in our school. Firstly, the children were quick to name all five of the values and identify why they are important. They were also able to give examples of British Values being a clear part of everyday life in our school. These are just some of the example they came up with:
Democracy - voting for our House Captain and School council at the beginning of the year. 
          - voting for the next class text to read in class.
The rule of law - following our one word school rule 'Respect'
Individual liberty - having choices for lunchtime food
                           - choices in classrooms about how to present their learning
Mutual respect - listening when the teacher is talking and being listened to by adults 
                         - sharing resources on the playground
Tolerance - understanding that everyone is different and that is OK
                 - learning about different religions and different countries
It is clear that Fundamental British Values is not something we know about at Wood End, it is something we understand and follow daily.