20th June 2018
We now find ourselves firmly in assessment period, with reports being written and end of year assessments being completed. As part of this process, staff at Wood End have had their judgments checked externally by the local authority to check their accuracy. This is because we have teachers new to their year group.
Staff in both Y2 and Y6 have had their assessments moderated this year. The messages coming from this process have been overwhelmingly positive - with praise for the teachers' knowledge of the pupils and the quality of work produced by the children. It has been clear that staff at Wood End know the pupils they teach as individuals and have a clear understanding of their strengths and next steps.
The work completed by the children was praised for its interest levels and the engagement of the pupils. All of the work had been pitched accurately to enable pupils to secure their best.
The children's work and the dedication of the staff has made us very proud this week. Well done to all involved.